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Egg steamed twisted roll is the staple food of our breakfast, light saline taste gets the welcome of everybody, and old little all appropriate. The way of egg steamed twisted roll is very simple, want to eatFall in love with the sea

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close people can oneself are done in the home, burden when want to notice, want to come according to the taste of family, cannot pass salty, also cannot pass weak, do not have otherwise delicate but character.

Practice of egg steamed twisted roll, ten million cannot eat an egg so

One, the practice of egg steamed twisted roll

1, all burden enter biscuit plane, knead dough leaven dough comes double big.

2, break up 200 grams every.

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3, roll becomes chip, the surface brushs oil.

4, coil.

5, cut proper size.

6, press with the chopstick with respect to OK.

7, bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food brushs oil, wake 15 minutes or so into a pot for steaming food, evaporate involves fire 20 minutes, stew opens a lid 5 minutes.

Practice of egg steamed twisted roll, ten million cannot eat an egg so

2, 4 blunder eat the egg by accident law

Mistake one: Choose chorion color deep eat to have nutrition more

The concern of the color of egg carapace and nutrient value is not big, the analysis makes clear, the nutrient value of the egg of be decided by of nutrient value discretion of the egg, its discretion basically depends on of the nutrient structure of feed and chicken photograph feed a circumstance, with the color of chorionNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Without how old relation. Look from the sense organ, egg white is thicker stiff, show protein content is higher, the quality of albumen is better. Below normal circumstance, the egg nutrition with yoke deeper color is a bit better.

Practice of egg steamed twisted roll, ten million cannot eat an egg so

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Mistake 2: How does the egg eat nutrition is same

It is varied that the egg has a way, have boil, evaporate, blast, fry etc. Be told with respect to the absorption of egg nutrition with digestive rate, boil, evaporate egg is 100% , tender blast is 98% , fry an egg for 97% , poached eggs is 92.5% , old flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is 81.1% , eat raw for 30% ~ 50% . By this token, boil, evaporate egg should be first-rate has a way.

Mistake 3: Egg and soya-bean milk are fed together nutrition is tall

Pleasant of flavour of soya-bean milk sex is smooth, contain a plant albumen, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral wait for composition of a lot of nutrition, alone and drinkable have very good nourishing effect. Trypsin stayer is contained in soya-bean milk, can restrain the active with human body enzymatic albumen, influence protein is mixed in the assimilation inside human body absorb, stickiness protein is contained in the egg white of the egg, can be united in wedlock with the trypsin in soya-bean milk, make be decomposed proteinly get block up, reduce therebyShanghai night net

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Human body is right protein absorptivity.

Mistake 4: The time of the egg that boil is longer better

The time that the egg cooks is too long, the sulfur ionization in the ferrous ion in yoke and albumen adds up to the vulcanization ferrous that generates difficult dissolve, be sucked very hard1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Close. Panbroil the egg is too old, the high polymer protein that place of gallinaceous egg white contains can turn small element into amino acid, this kind of amino acid often can form adverse to human body health chemical material below high temperature. The egg that boil had better be the boiler below cold water, water left to be boiled again 3 minutes can. At this moment the egg submits form of with a soft yolk, nutrient composition most benefit is absorbed at human body. The egg of different boil time, time is being digested inside human body is discrepant. 3 minutes of eggs ” it is small ripe egg, digest the most easily, need;5 1 hour 30 minutes about minute ” the egg is half ripe egg, inside human body digestive time makes an appointment with time of boil of 2 hours of; to cross long egg, digest inside human body want 3 hours 15 minutes.

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