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Someone looked caption to think spurt is small for certain make up do not rely on chart, eat a grapefruit to you also can want human life? How be within an inch of of the grapefruit that be taken by others be bungled dead or eat choke of grapefruit within an inch of to die? And this when span, the grapefruit that the autumn eats, have an accident in the winter, chronic bane is this?

The lot that autumnal grapefruit wanted me in winter within an inch of however (1)

Hey, if the thing is not to happen in small make up a body to go up, beat dead I also do not believe, did not joke this nevertheless, also did not needFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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This is true thing, it is how to return a responsibility after all, allow me detailed path comes.

The autumn arrived, want to say fruit of this seasonal what is delicious, what be worth to say most is grapefruit.

Grapefruit not only build is big, and aroma is full-bodied, acerbity sweet goluptious, big mouth tastes special bright.

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This 9 days can eat.

One, eat grapefruit to have a lot of profit

1. contains a lot ofiron, calcic, natural folic acid

These 3 kinds of elements are the nutrient element that pregnant woman lacks, eat more can prevent anaemia to promote fetal growth, but grapefruit sex is cold, the pregnant woman with constitutional cold empty should eat less.

2. contains a lot ofvitamin C, carotene

3. decreases apoplectic

Grapefruit contains material of active of a kind of physiology, what can reduce blood is ropy degree, reduce thrombosis, if hemal to the head disease is cerebral thrombus, apoplectic have better precautionary effect.

4, relieve a cough expectorant

The advantage that anyhow autumn takes bit of grapefruit more is very much, be beneficial to healthy, often edible, to hypertensive, diabetic, blood-vesselShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The disease such as sclerosis has auxiliary effect, right fat person still be good at body is raised colour function, it is medical bound accepted one of fruits that have dietotherapy effect.

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