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Airy is polluted badly nowadays, the rise with the already ceaseless number of cough. Cough is a kind of very common disease, excitant cough has after the cold phlegmy, and phlegmy it is a kind of secretion, affect the job and Morpheus, eliminate the possibility that still must notice cough variability is asthmatic beyond this, prevent by accident examine. On food we should notice the following food cannot eat:

 The cough after the cold has phlegmy what cannot eat

1, cold cool food

Food of cold cool sex is darling cough has phlegmy when must want illicit, for instance cold drink or refrigerant beverage, these food should prohibit. Our country traditional Chinese medical science thinks, once human body reachs lung with respect to meeting injury after catch a cold catch a cold, and cough is caused mostly. If this time still eats food of a few cold cool sexes, can bring about lung gas is out-of-the-way, not only can aggravating illness and the time that still can extend disease.

And children cough is having phlegmy most and miltShanghai noble baby

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Particular concern, lienal be our human body acquired this, the food that is in charge of human body is digested withLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Absorb. If eat cold cool food too much, with respect to meeting injury and taste, cause lienal function to drop, get together wet unripe phlegmy.

2, food of flavour of fat Gan Hou

Cough of children autumn cold has phlegmy most is lobar heat is caused, and the food that flavour of fat Gan Hou eats more in diet can be heated up inside generation, accentuation coughs, and what this time takes these food to still can bring about phlegmy grow in quantity to change is ropy, not easy and expectorate. Especially to a few children that have asthma, of excessive have taste of a few fat Gan Hou kind food, return meeting block respiratory tract, accentuation is asthmatic, make disease hard heal.

Because this parent wants to notice, during darling catchs a cold, had better be to eat a few delicate food more, still the attention does not let the child eat a few deepfry kind food, lest accentuate the health of intestines and stomach.

3, piscine raw meat or fish shrimp crab

Piscine raw meat or fish kind food is absolutely cannot let darling be in cough periodForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The circumstance that this kind of food can make the cold coughs is aggravating. Because children is right,this is piscine raw meat or fish kind the relation of the protein allergy in food, and fishy smell still can stimulate respiratory tract, accentuate thereby cough.

4, edible orange

A lot of people are wrong think orange is had relieve a cough expectorant effect, in darling accordingly cough has phlegmy during, often make darling much eat orange. This is very wrong way, meeting heat build-up gives birth to orange flesh phlegmy, this time takes to the child is add fuel to the flames undoubtedly. Have truly relieve a cough of expectorant effect is orange skin, but have the child rarely usually1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Can take orange skin only and do not eat orange meat.

Have to coughing after the cold through above phlegmy the simple introduction that what cannot have, believe friends to also have to coughing after the cold phlegmy what cannot eat to be known somewhat. The condition is changed in what weather must note in the life, lest get body and mind is healthy. Cough should notice all the more, diagnose clearly, active cure, prevent development to become asthma.

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